About us

Shemn Corp. specializes in various leather accessories production. We constantly develop new designs of our products with one point remaining not changed – the highest quality of the handbags, wallets and business card holders. The assortment of leather wallets offered meets everyone’s needs and preferences and lets you organize your cash, ID and cards the way it is most comfortable to you. Shemn leather wallets are expertly crafted, durable and smooth in design, combine classic good looks with practical function.

We are proud to announce that we are green-friendly and take maximum care of the environment. We are at a very low electricity usage and wastage levels and recycle mostly everything – even our leather. Our packaging is crafted of recycled materials and is 100% eco-friendly – this keeps the raw material in a continuous product cycle – reducing waste and causing less harm to the environment. Additionally, we use recycled leather in our gift packaging manufacture!

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